After algebra the next step in the right direction towards learning math can be geometry. There are some that say geometry, which is the study of shapes, should be taken before algebra 2, but the order is entirely up to you.

Introduction to Geometry

Define Point, Line, Plane, Segment, Ray, Angle, Collinear, Coplanar.

Intro to Geometry - The Whole Thing

Introduction to Euclidean Geometry - a brief history of Euclidean Geometry and its foundations

Plane Geometry - Triangles

ACT Math - Plane Geometry - Triangles (Part 1 of 2)

Formulas in Geometry

This tutorial will teach you how to apply the important formulas regarding squares, triangles and circles in geometry

Introduction to Geometry

This video introduces the basic building blocks for the successful study of geometry.

Geometry - Relationships in Triangles

Here we dissect all the major components of the triangle, including median, centroid

Geometry Tricks for SSC CGL Maths Preparation

SSC Geometry Tricks explained in this Maths tutorial video will help you in SSC CGL exam preparation and also SSC CHSL exam


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